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Thomas Cat Litter 8ltr

Thomas Cat Litter 8ltr

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THOMAS Cat Litter - a purely natural product for reliable cat hygiene.

Cats are by nature quite demanding when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene.
Cleanliness is therefore particularly important when it comes to the cat litter tray.

With THOMAS Cat Litter the high demands of your cat will be met. THOMAS Cat Litter is highly absorbent and effectively reduces unpleasant odour. The specific size of THOMAS granules means they do not stick to your cat's paws or coat. Your home stays as clean as your cat does.

Simply clean, reliable & good quality!
A purely natural mineral product
Is Highly absorbent
Helps slow the development of odours
Does not stick to cat's paws or coat
Absorbency reduces odour

Directions for Use:
1. Pour THOMAS Cat Litter into a clean and dry cat litter tray to a depth of approximately 6cm.
2. Please remove solid waste every day and refill litter when needed. Please replace the full litter tray on a regular basis.